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Behind PSLOVE – Peck

Hello, I’m Peck 🙂

Heres a short “About Me” –
Perhaps better to illustrate with 2 of my favourite quotes:

The First:

“Life consists not of holding good cards, but in playing what you hold well.”

This is my perspective in life. If someone told you life has been smooth sailing with no glitches, either they are lying or they have a very bad memory :p i believe it is always important to know how to turn those glitches into life lessons, which also translates into what people call – the grey hair experience.
Easy to quote but not easy to live by, afterall I’m human and we are ruled by emotions.
So here’s my dose of inspiration whenever i feel the beating: and i’d encourage all to check in to the site once a while and absorb the inspiration 🙂
Oh, did i mention I’m a sucker for quotes too?

The Second:

“Because it is difficult, therefore its worth it.”

Beginning of 2014, after reflecting upon 2013 and asking myself how have i grown, i was so distraught to find out that the only substantial growth was.. my hair.
And thats when i knew somethings have to change.
Perhaps its because i was always doing things that are comfortable..
So i told myself – 2014 has got to be the year of growth and staying out of my comfort zone.

Some things that followed:
1) I left my job at NUS Enterprise (and my super awesome team)
2) I took up a basic python class – just to learn to think like a programmer (suffering a lot now)
3) I try harder to level up in my design skills
4) I cut off my locks which took me 5 years to grow
5) and… i started PSLOVE

All of the above are super duper difficult and sometimes i question myself on why i did it.. but there is no turning back since, because everyday is growth and everyday makes life fulfilling 🙂

Running on passion – this is what i’m working towards to now:


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