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Behind PSLOVE – Leb

Hi, I’m Leb from PSLOVE and welcome to the blog. Most common question I get is “Isn’t PSLOVE for the ladies, how does it apply to the guys?” Before I share more on that, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a guy. Blessed to be born in Singapore.
No, I have not had a single period in my life (duh).
Yes, I’ve served my 2 years NS in Singapore without “geng-ing”.
Grew up in the West and North areas of Singapore,
so I’m not as familiar with the East-side,
but I go there for the good food like most Singaporeans.

I’ve some experience in F&B, logistics management
and real estate.
Built my first PC when I was 12.
It crashed before I turned 14.
I love to build things and solve problems.
But really, on a quest to inspire people to recreate their vision from their minds and into reality.

As Simon Sinek says, it’s not what you do, but why you do it that matters.
And I totally agree.

So the important question is, why PSLOVE?
Because periods suck.
For everyone.

The bad news is, periods are here to stay.
The good news is, there may be a way to make things better.


Long ago, if you wanted to read the newspaper everyday, you’d have to go and buy it from the newspaper stand. Today, you can have them delivered to your doorstep, or just subscribe to the online version.

Well, sanitary napkins can never have “an online version”, so the next best thing is free monthly delivery right to the ladies.

But sanitary napkins are only half the picture. 

During that time of the month, there are many other physical and emotional symptoms that are hardly addressed simply because it takes way too much effort to source for items or remedies that may help and keep stocking up on them.

So, most women just bear with it.

Even making sure there are sufficient pads can sometimes be a pain.

And they don’t just bear with it once, twice, or even for 2 years.
Periods put women through the physical and emotional symptoms for about 7 days a month, 12 months a year, for about 38 years.

That’s equivalent to almost 9 years of period in a row 
if you condense it all together.
PSLOVE exists to make 9 years of every woman’s life a much more enjoyable time.

For the guys, PSLOVE can be the simplest way to care for your significant other regularly, especially since we guys don’t know much about periods and will never be able to say “we understand” from our own experience. You can let the females in PSLOVE with inside information on how the whole period thing works figure it out on your behalf.

For the parents, the earlier your daughter finds what works for her and makes her more comfortable, the more of her life she can live to the fullest without having to “just bear with it”.

PSLOVE is about creating a better way for women to experience their period, 
a better way to experience life. 

My role in this is to help make PSLOVE a reality and, hopefully, 
change the world, one period at a time.


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