Basic Makeup Brushes You Need

Yay! Another makeup post! As the title suggests, we will be introducing basic makeup brushes that even beginners should know of. Trust me, besides making your life so much easier, makeup brushes will also help you nail that look you’re going for.

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1. Foundation Brush


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Well technically, the beauty blender isn’t a brush, but it’s an essential for any makeup lover! It is also super easy to use and helps you to apply your foundation perfectly. Simply wet the sponge and squeeze dry, then use it to ‘bounce’ your foundation on. Shaped like a teardrop, the beautyblender can be used to dab your concealer on as well, simply use the sharper end. Try it and you’ll know why it’s so highly raved by bloggers all around the world!

Real Techniques -foundation-brush

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Suitable for beginners and experts, Real Techniques’s wide range of brushes can be bought at affordable prices. Their foundation brush is a holy grail for some and people swear by it. Using a foundation brush helps you to evenly apply your base makeup, preventing streaky and blotchy foundation. When your foundation is applied well, it’s much easier for you to layer other makeup on it.


2. Blush brush


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Yet another brush from Real Techniques because their brushes are really good! (I’m a huge lover of RT brushes!) A blusher should best applied with a brush because you don’t want it to be patchy. Some apply blusher with their fingers but it may result in unevenness – imagine if some parts of your face are redder than the others or if your left cheek is redder than your right cheek!


3. Eyeshadow Brush


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Now when it comes to eyeshadow brushes, there are so many different ones that are used for different functions, eg. blending, smudging, crease. If you’re a beginner who’s new to makeup, we recommend getting a simple fluffy round brush that gets the job done. An eyeshadow brush like MAC’s brush #239 allow you to pat on enough pigment on your lids and is fluffy enough to help you blend the harsh lines out. Check out their full range of brushes if you’re interested, but we’ll recommend this brush as the basic eyeshadow brush you must have.


4. Lip Brush


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Why do you need a lip brush, you ask? A lip brush can help you to apply that classic red lipstick perfectly. By using a lip brush for application, it gives you more precise and accurate control of where your lipstick is going, especially around the edges of your lips. If you don’t wish to waste time slowly brushing your lipstick on, the lip brush can be used to swipe concealer around the edges of your lips to clean up and give you that sharp, defined, lipstick look. Lip brushes can also be used to apply your lip balm! What’s better than a lip brush would be a retractable lip brush, as pictured above the elf retractable lip brush is travel-friendly and is also very affordable.


5. Eyebrow Brush



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They say that eyebrows are the most important as they frame your face and make you look put together even without other makeup. Therefore, you should never be short of a good eyebrow brush. A handy eyebrow brush would be one that comes with both a spoolie and a normal brush tip. Use the brush tip with brow powder to fill in your brows, then use the spoolie to comb through and blend and you’ll be ready in no time!

There we have it – the basic brushes you need in your life, especially if you’re a beginner looking to dive into the makeup world. There are so many different brushes available in the market, from synthetic to natural, fan brushes to smudge brushes – the list is endless! Brushes are a good investment, so don’t save on the money because then there wouldn’t be quality. A good brush will last you a long time if you take good care of it. We will talk about that in another article!

Meanwhile, here’s a summary of the basic makeup brushes and their uses:


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