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What Is BackHeat?


BackHeat is a fast & effective natural heat releasing patch that is formulated to emit just the right amount of heat to provide back pain relief. It uses our proprietary RealHeat Technology, to provide optimum and controlled heat to combat backaches. BackHeat is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your back, with extended heat distribution to the sides so that you get comfort across large areas of your back.


How Does BackHeat Work?

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BackHeat is made up of 3 layers, each layer specially designed with a woman in mind.

Base Layer:
It is coated with medical grade adhesive and is adjusted for tensile adhesion such that peeling off can be easy and clean. 

Middle Layer (medium heat):
It contains the ingredient mix to provide deeply penetrating heat needed for back pain relief.
The mix consists of: Iron, Activated carbon, Water, Salt & Vermiculite (mineral).

Final Layer:
This is a cotton surface layered with a porous membrane to control adequate amount of air into the mix so that the heat can be released at a pace that is not too intense for the skin.

Extended Heat Distribution

BackHeat is designed to fit the contours of your back so that you are able to adhere the product comfortably. The middle layer also emits heat that is extended across to the edge of the adhesive sides so that you not only get heat at the center of your back, but also on the sides as well.

RealHeat Technology

RealHeat Technology involves exothermic reaction, which occurs when the ingredient mix comes in contact with air (to produce heat). We have optimised the ingredient mix to produce just the right amount of heat for backaches; while using the cotton layer to control the amount of air entering the mix to achieve fast but controlled heating.


Why Do We Use Heat?

Many clinical studies have shown positive results when it comes to using heat therapy to reduce backaches and pains. Therefore, we put a lot of resources and time to understand the ‘right’ amount of heat needed to effectively reduce backaches and pains.

Heat helps in back pain relief in 3 ways:

  1. Dilating the blood vessels– The blood vessels of the muscles around the lumbar spine dilates with heat therapy. This is necessary to increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen the the muscle, which helps in healing the damaged tissue.
  2. Stimulating the sensory receptors- Applying heat on the skin, alerts the sensory receptors and helps decrease the transmission of pain signals to the brain, which helps relieve discomfort.
  3. Stretching the soft tissues– Heat facilitates the stretching of soft tissues & connective tissues around the spine and muscles. This reduces the stiffness and increases flexibility, hence increasing overall comfort.

Many clinical studies, have proven that:

“continuous low-level topical heat therapy effective for the treatment of chronic and non-chronic backaches”.


What Are The Features?


fast and effective, qneckheat, backseat Fast & Effective

Provides quick relief as it heats up to a therapeutic temperature.


Comfortable Design

Bends to fit the contours of your back.

Odourless-icon Odourless

Perfect to use in the office & goes well with your favorite perfume.


Soft On Skin

Medical-grade adhesive for maximum comfort.

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Long Lasting

For all-day relief using 100% natural heat.


How To Use BackHeat?

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Tear Open Packaging

Upon contact with air, BackHeat will heat up on it’s own.

Peel & Paste

Start from the middle of the patch, then out to the two sides.

After Every Hour

Remove product for atlas 5 minutes to let your skin rest.

**** if you have sensitive skin, avoid sticking the adhesive directly on your skin.
*** may cause low temperature burn.
** remove if the pack gets too hot.

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