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Powering & Supporting women through Love

What started out as a company that sought to provide a natural, drug-free and convenient solution to menstrual cramps which affects over 500 million females around the world, pslove has evolved to be so much more today.

In present day, pslove aims to be every female’s companion by supporting them through their life stages. From when you get your first period, to when you enter the workforce and/or become mums and suffer from neck and back aches, pslove wants to give all females an extra boost.

Using our patent-pending warming technology, our products achieve maximum effectiveness with an ergonomic design. It is also made 100% drug-free so that one can get natural relief without consuming medication. This led to the birth of our products MenstruHeat, NeckHeat and BackHeat. They are currently available in major pharmacy chains such as Guardian, Watson’s and Unity, to bring our products closer to you.

1) MenstruHeat – a 100% natural heat therapy patch that can effectively ease menstrual cramps. Instant, portable and convenient. A sure way to keep you prepared at all times!

2) BackHeat – a 100% natural heat therapy patch that can effectively soothe back pains. Fast-acting and a drug-free solution to your backaches.

3) NeckHeat – a 100% natural heat therapy patch that can effectively relieve neck and shoulder pains. Can be split for flexible use. Releases therapeutic heat for up to 12 hours long.

Thousands of women visit our blog daily for health and lifestyle articles, and use our drug-free pain relief patches to power them through the day. Whether you suffer from aches and cramps or not, we would love to be there for you.

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