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8 Unusual Body Pain Relief Methods

Body pain and aches are symptoms that an average adult will experience at least once every day. As we grow older, our body’s metabolism starts to slow down and we become more prone to body aches and illnesses. As such, people have come up with all sorts of ways to cure body aches and pains. Here is a list of some unusual ways to relieve body pain!

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture Body Pain Relief Methods

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice of using needles to stimulate specific points for therapeutic effects. It helps to stimulate and balance the flow of Qi (life force) in your body. The needle inserts are not supposed to cause any pain and will be left there for a certain amount of time.

2. Apitherapy (bees)

Apitherapy Body Pain Relief Methods

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Many of us are afraid to be stung by bees. But apparently, getting stung by a bee can be good for you too! The bee venom is supposedly good for your immune system and can also be used to treat health conditions. However, all these are not supported by medical evidence so it’s up to you to decide if you want to believe in it!

3. Cupping

Cupping Therapy Body Pain Relief Methods

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Cupping is another popular Chinese pain relief treatment that makes use of special suction cups and heat. Cupping is supposed to help in blood circulation, remove toxins in your body and relief pain. Some benefits of cupping also include alleviating flu or cold, stimulate digestion and improve bowel movements. It causes discoloration and slight bruises but it does not hurt at all. Many athletes, even Michael Phelps, use this pain relief therapy treatment too!

4. Dry Needling

Dry Needling Body Pain Relief Methods

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Dry needling is like the “Western version” of the Chinese acupuncture therapy. It is also called Mysofacial acupuncture and is slightly different from the traditional Chinese acupuncture, even though they seem to be very similar. A needle is inserted directly at a mysofacial trigger point. Dry needling makes use of either hypodermic or acupuncture needles for its treatment.

5. Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Pain Relief Treatment

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Electric stimulation therapy is a treatment that uses electric to treat muscle spasms and pain. Electrodes are attached to the patient and the electrical stimulation causes the muscle to contract and mimic the way the body uses its muscles when exercising. It helps in blood circulation and can be used to treat sprains and injuries.


6. Gua Sha

Gua Sha Body Pain Relief Treatment

Photo Credit: @sams_secrets via Instagram

Gua Sha is a therapy treatment that scrapes your skin to remove “cold winds” from your body. A smooth-edged equipment is stroked repeatedly over lubricated skin and it causes light bruising afterwards. After having Gua Sha, remember do drink lots of water and avoid having a shower a few hours after the treatment to prevent “wind” from entering your body system again.

7. Moxibustion

Moxibustion Pain Relief Treatment

Photo Credit: namastehealthcenter via Pinterest

Moxibustion is the use of burning dried mugwort (Moxa) to stimulate blood circulation and the flow of Qi (energy). There are a few ways of doing Moxibustion which involves either direct or indirect contact with the skin. Moxibusion is said to be good for relieving back pain, muscle stiffness, headaches, and even female health problems such as menstrual cramps, irregular periods, and infertility!

8. Sand Bath Therapy


Sand Bath Therapy Body Pain Relief Treatment

Photo Credit: @wilsoncarnivore via Instagram

Imagine burying yourself in hot sand to relief your body pain. How cool (or hot) is that? As sand contains minerals and nutrients, it is believed that burying yourself in hot sand will allow your body to absorb the nutrients from the sand. Sand bath therapy is also said to help to improve rheumatism and heals dislocations and sprains. However, you cannot stay inside the sand bath too long or you will burn yourself!

If there are any other unusual body pain relief methods that you know of that are not in this list, feel free to comment and tell us about them below!


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