8 Inventions Made For Women

Inventor Women Inventions

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With so many creative inventions out there, there are quite a few made to solve problems that females face. From the well-known and commonly used to the quirky and cool, here is a list of inventions made to improve the lives of us females!

1. Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners

Valentine's Day Period Pad

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Before sanitary pads and panty liners were invented, women used cloths and rags to absorb their menstrual blood and there was nothing to help us females clear our discharge cleanly and efficiently. The menstrual cloths and rags were washed and reused over and over again and  personally, it sounds super gross to me. So grateful that sanitary pads and panty liners were already invented during my generation. 😀

2. Period Tracking Apps


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Period Tracking Apps are one of the best apps made for women ever. Imagine having to constantly monitor and track your period cycle on your calendar. Who has time for that? Period apps are also built to track and estimate your fertile periods too! For the sexually active, you can be cautious during your fertile period and avoid getting pregnant! Period apps will also notify you in advance when your period is about to arrive so that you can prepare for the incoming “satanic waterfall”. I don’t know any technologically-savvy female who does not have a period tracking app in her phone!

3. Menstrual Heat Patches 


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Do away with hot water bottles and period pills and use menstrual heat patches instead. Eating pills frequently can lead to long term side effects and hot water bottles are just simply inconvenient to use when you are on-the-go. Hence, menstrual heat patches are here to help you battle those annoying cramps and aches when you are on your period. One of my personal favourite life-saver in this list.

4.Period panties (Menstrual Underwear)

Period Panties Inventions For Women

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A fusion between panties and waterproof technology, these panties are meant to be your backup plan in the case of a leak! As a female, you will know that leaks can be quite unexpected and troublesome to handle when it actually happens. That is why, period panties were invented with a waterproof layer to save your day! Some menstrual panties are invented to even replace pads and tampons completely and others have a kangaroo pocket to place the menstrual heat patches too. Quite cool don’t you think?

5. Breast Pumps

Breast Pump Inventions For Women

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Breast pumps are used by women to continue providing breast milk to their babies after they return to work and are not around to feed them. It is also used to keep a supply of milk in the case of an emergency. Other uses of the breast pump includes using it to stimulate your milk supply and relieve pain and pressure from your breasts.

6. Knitted Knockers (Breasts)

Knitted Knockers Knitted Breasts Inventions For Women

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Personally, I feel that this is one of the most useful inventions for women till date. Made for women who had to undergo mastectomy due to breast cancer, these knitted knockers (or knitted breasts) are a huge confidence booster and a life-saver to the breast cancer survivors. Someone should totally bring these in and hand them out to breast cancer survivors in Singapore.

7. Drug-testing nail polish

Undercover Color Changing Nail Polish Inventions For Women

Photo Credit: @LionsGround via Pinterest

If you are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends, you would have heard of the drug-testing nail polish.With the Undercover Colors nail polish, women can dip their fingers into drinks to test the presence of rape drugs. If drugs are present in the drinks, the nail polish changes color as seen in the photo above. Sadly, this invention has really been fully developed and is not out there in the market yet but I’m so looking forward to seeing it soon!

8. Waterproof Makeup

Makeup Inventions For Women

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Makeup is an essential daily item for most women and it is important to us females that the makeup we put on is long-lasting and does not smudge and smear easily. Beauty companies have came up with waterproof makeup so that our makeup can survive through the rain and we can even go swimming in them! There used to be a popular saying that goes “if you want to find out how a girl really looks like, throw her into the pool or bring her on a swimming date.” Well sorry guys, that won’t work anymore with the invention of waterproof makeup.

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