6 Healthy Foods to Keep You Happy

Let’s face it. Good food is expensive, especially in a country which imports over 90% of its food from overseas. So as much as we read about how we should really be eating organic blueberries and quinoa, most of us won’t be eating them.
But there are always budget-friendly ways to maintain our health! Hence, our series of food tips, adapted for the Singaporean (or anyone around the region) in mind. We scour #foodporn, recipes, and health articles, while bearing in mind that some things are just harder to get around here.
So, the first of this series begins with Mood Foods, natural foods that keep you happy without the sugar highs and crashes!

1. Dark chocolate

But of course. Dark chocolate elevates endorphin and serotonin levels – the two ‘happy’ hormones produced in our brains. A bar of 70% Lindt is pretty affordable around here (I say this because one bar lasts pretty long for myself), or try Meiji. 

2. Healthy carbohydrates and whole grains

Granola always looks good. Get this recipe here. Or you could try some Singaporean granola here

Opt for whole grain cereal that’s low in sugar. Or wholemeal bread. Or brown rice. Complex carbohydrates release glucose slowly into your bloodstream and brain which helps your brain function over long periods of time–plus, their are rich in vitamins and selenium which helps lift your mood.

Extra note: Now, whole grains are hard to find when you eat out in Singapore. But it’s alright to eat that white rice — as long as it’s in moderation, and as long as you’re eating it along with other fibre-rich foods to slow sugar absorption into your bloodstream.  

3. Bananas

Bright, sunny, and funky yellow bananas — available all year round in abundance. Its potent combination of vitamins B6, A, C, and tryptophan triggers your mood. Try blending frozen bananasIt’s heavenly.

4. Sunflower seeds

If you dig baking your bread from scratch — try this sunflower seed bread.

Rich in folate and magnesium, two substances which regulates and boosts mood. Walnuts work, too. But walnuts are not as wallet-friendly as these!

5. Green tea


Green tea is known to be rich in  antioxidants and L-theanine, an amino acid which improves mood and reduces stress. Remember, bottled sweetened teas don’t cut it — but if you really must, opt for Ayataka Green Tea instead. It’ll be great to pair them with local food!

6. Milk

An extremely good source of tryptophan, milk helps to lift your mood, and helps to sleep easier too. Pair it with the other happy foods — dark chocolate and bananas. (I can’t even)

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