5 Unwritten Female Toilet Rules That Every Female Should Follow

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You would think that most people would have toilet etiquette and be considerate to the other users who would use the toilet cubicles after. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Here are some unwritten female toilet rules that every girl should know!

1. DO NOT leave your leftover pee or period blood on the toilet seats

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If you are a guy, you may be wondering, “What? Do girls leave pee or period blood stains on toilet seats? How???” The answer is: “Yes, they do.” Some females actually leave their pee or period blood stains on toilet seats. If you are wondering how do girls even get pee onto the toilet seats, I can only tell you that it is possible. So if you’re a girl and you somehow managed to leave pee/period stains on the toilet seats, please clean it up and use the toilet paper to wipe it off.

2. DO NOT throw your used pads into the toilet bowl

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If you think seeing toilet bowls clogged with toilet paper is gross, how about seeing toilet bowls getting clogged up by sanitary pads instead? Spare some thought for the washroom cleaners and dispose your pads properly!

3. DO NOT stack your used pads on top of the sanitary bin

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As females, we do understand that the sanitary bin may be filled to the brim sometimes. Instead of playing Jenga or Uno Stacko with menstrual pads, why not try throwing it in the rubbish bin outside instead, or the sanitary bin in the next cubicle? It’s not embarrassing to walk out of the cubicle with your used pads as long as you cover them up well with toilet paper or pad wrappers because we’re all women and understand and we empathize with what you’re going through.

4. DO NOT stick your used pads onto the toilet door

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Yes it does sound gross, and IT IS. Just imagine: You enter a toilet and approach an empty toilet cubicle. You open the door and check if there’s any toilet paper. If there is, you happily enter the cubicle. But as you close the toilet door… WHAM! You see a used menstrual pad stuck on the cubicle door. Like WHY??? I’m pretty sure nobody wants to appreciate your menstrual artwork stuck on the door. So dear ladies, do not stick your stained menstrual pads onto the cubicle doors. It is gross and very unappealing.

5. DO NOT step on the toilet seats

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If the toilet seat is dirty and you refuse to sit on it, maybe it’s time for you to master the art of hovering above the toilet seat. Great way to keep your butt clean while working out your calves too! A bit of exercise won’t hurt! (also a reason why girls may leave stains on toilet seats)


Are tthe pslove companyhere any other unwritten toilet rules that we have missed out? Do let us know in the comments below! Also, do check out our other lifestyle posts too!



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