5 Unusual Japanese Food Products

Japan- the Land of the Rising Sun, is home to 127.3 million people and located in East Asia. It is well known for its unique tastes and ideas from quirky adverts to crazy fashion styles, Japan’s out-of-the-world ideas has never failed to surprise us! Here is a list of unusual Japanese food products that we have found.

1. R18 Curry (??18???)

R18 Curry

Photo Credit: amazon

The R18 Curry is rated 18 and above because of its extreme spicy level. Those who have tried had screamed in pain (literally) and so far, no one has ever reviewed that it is not spicy at all. If you are up for the challenge to experience unbearable pain, you can try this R18 Japanese Curry. They also have different versions with different levels of spiciness so you may want to start with the lowest level of spiciness first!

2. Fish Sperm


Fish Sperm

Photo Credit: TasteSpotting

Personally, I thought that fish sperm sounded gross and that I would never want to try any kind of sperm at all, but I did try it once by accident and surprisingly, I fell in love with it. It is soft and sweet and it totally melts in your mouth! For the courageous ones, this is a delicacy that you definitely have to try.

3. Wasabi Beer

Wasabi Beer

Photo Credit: Julie Ann K via Flickr

If you are down to try something spicy and new, why not try a Wasabi Beer? Apparently, you will be able to feel the heat after the carbonation subsides. If any of you has tried it before, feel free to comment about your experience below!

4. Octopus Ice Cream

Octopus Ice Cream

Photo Credit: japanrealm

When I read the words “Octopus Ice Cream”, I was thinking of an octopus flavoured ice cream. But apparently, it was really ice cream with actual octopus in it. As if it wasn’t weird enough, the ice cream is even soy sauce flavoured. Still, I wouldn’t mind trying it once to see how it really tastes like. If you are heading to Japan soon, do look out for it!

5. Canned Bread

Canned Bread

Photo Credit: eBay

There are all sorts of canned food available in the market but have you ever thought of canned bread? You can even buy them from a canned bread vending machine! How cool is that? I am not sure if it is healthy to eat though. I would definitely prefer a hot, freshly-baked bread right from an oven.


the pslove companyIf there are any other weird food items that you know of that are not in this list, feel free to comment and tell us about them below!

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