5 Types of Period Policies That Can be Implemented at Your Workplace!

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Every female will agree that periods are annoying and that it is such a pain in the womb. As such, period policies can be put in place to improve the lives of female employees at your workplace. Here are some types of period policies that a company can make use of to improve the working conditions of its female employees!

1.Paid period (menstrual) leave

Paid Period Leave Period Policy

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This is definitely the most wanted type of period policy that all female workers are wishing for! In some countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, menstrual (period) leave is a common thing to have. Period leaves are introduced to give women time off during their period cycles. It is aimed to create a better working environment for the company’s female employees. I really hope that it will be implemented in Singapore soon. 🙁

2. Female Staff Welfare


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As menstrual cramp symptoms may be quite painful for some females, it is best to stock up on welfare items that can help female employees at your company to cope with their period symptoms! There are many feminine healthcare products in the market that aid to relieve menstrual cramps such as menstrual heat patches (above) and pink period pills. Go out there and get some of these products as part of your female staff welfare and period policy initiative!

3. Resting areas

Menstrual Period Policy Resting Area

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Companies can designate a resting area for women to have a place to rest if they are experiencing bad menstrual cramps. The resting area does not to be fancy or have actual beds. You can simply place a soft carpet along with a few beanbag cushions at the resting area for the females to take a break!

4. Period Calendar

Menstrual Calendar Period Policy

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If your company is open and close-knitted enough, why not have a menstrual calendar? There’s no shame in talking about your periods in front of males. Warn your fellow employees when your PMS symptoms are coming soon so that they will be cautious against your ever-sudden mood swings.

5. Education

Period Education Period Menstrual Policy

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Even though it is widely known that menstruation exist, many people (males and females alike) still do not understand the whole idea of how it works and what it does to the female body. Educating employees on what menstruation is and what it does allows male co-workers to understand their female co-workers better and may allow them to be more compassionate to their fellow female co-workers at work.

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Happy International Women’s Day everyone!



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