5 Travel Tips for Female Travellers

Howdy mate!

In a few weeks time, I will be flying off on a trip to Indonesia and that’s when I found myself scouring the Internet for some last minute travel tips. After reading up for a couple of days, here are a few tips that I thought were pretty ingenious. Hopefully, you guys will find this as useful as I did!



Enough said, let’s buckle up and get ready for take off!


Tip 1: Dress like a local

Males and females alike, this is a tip that many travellers swear by. Coupled with this, be sure to arm yourself with a couple of sentences and phrases that you can use in their native language and you girl, are setting yourself up for a darn good trip!

As much as you can, try to blend in with your dressing and this may give you a completely different experience as the locals are more likely to open up to you! Besides, standing out like a sore thumb also makes you a target for scams and pickpockets! A personal tip is to do some research beforehand by making use of social media (yeap, that thing that is seemingly taking over the world).

Hop on to Instagram and simply do a location/ tag search on the country that you’re planning to visit and you’ll be able to get a rough gauge on the style and weather that locals and travellers like you are experiencing at the moment! An added bonus of doing so, you might even discover new local hideouts and gems that were not on your previous to-do list! 🙂

On a side note girls, this gives you a chance to do some shopping!! ^^



Tip 2: Wet wipes


200Me whenever I’m in need of some wet wipes unfortunately, ran out of them.


This is one item that I absolutely swear by whenever I travel! My mom and I tend to go crazy and bring a large supply of  it and thankfully, we’ve never ran out. Ever.

The thing is, wet wipes are such a good item to have with you for they may become your life saviour when you least expect them to! The possible scenarios are simply endless.

  • For adventure junkies, this is an absolute must for any impromptu excursions that may leave you dirty and sticky.
  • For those taking a long haul flight, this would help keep you clean and refreshed even after you touch down at your destination.
  • For foodies, even the most assuming act of eating an ice cream cone may eventually call of it when it starts melting!

In a nutshell, definitely do not forgo these babies in your daily carry on bag because they pretty much get you out of any sticky situations.  🙂


Tip 3: Pack a period kit

As a typical kiasu Singaporean, I am one of those girls who’ll pack a period kit whether or not I am expecting Aunt Flo to pay a visit during my trip. Travelling is known to throw your period cycle off charts and that’s why I always prefer to have one of these for emergencies.

Here are a couple of things that you might want to consider putting into your kit:


1) Extra black underwear

For those accidental leakages or occasions when Aunt Flo decides to pop by unannounced. All you girls know how that feels:

201Like seriously…?

2) Tampons/ Pads

Especially if you’re uncomfortable with trying out new brands, be sure to stock up on your own supply! I also like to keep a couple of these with me wherever I go just in case I am unable to get my hands on one when I need ’em.

3) Re-sealable plastic bags

More commonly used and packed by those looking to go on hikes, this would definitely come in handy as disposal may become a problem. Bonus points for discretion if you’re able to get black opaque ones! 🙂

4) Quality snacks

Snacks such as raw or unsalted nuts, snack bars, dark chocolate and trail mix would fit the bill. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to get cranky when I’m starving. This is also when my cravings for salty and fried food hits, hard. While you may be tempted to consume them, it is important to eat well while travelling! Instead of those complementary ice cream tubs that you may have been eyeing since service started, have some of these snacks instead!

5) Heat pads

A life saviour for those of you who experience period cramps. Although exercising works, this may not be possible when you’re on a long haul flights so be sure to pack one of these to stay comfortable while travelling. Check out our MenstruHeat packs!


Tip 4: Set your watch

I’m sure many of you would have experienced the horrible effects of jet lag, one that turns you into a zombie overnight – sleeping during the day and roaming the streets at night. Granted, that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration but you folks get the gist of it aye?




It is almost impossible to enjoy your trip when you’re feeling energetic and sleepy at all the wrong timings. Well, here’s a tip for you! Set your phone or watches (whichever that you’ll be referring to on your flight) to the time of your destination before you hop on the plane!

I’ve found that this is especially useful in helping me to regulate my sleep and meals whenever I’m on a long haul flight. If it is supposedly morning at the place where I’m heading towards, I would typically try to resist the urge to sleep and vice versa, if it is night time, I’d try to grab some winks. Similarly for meals, I tend to start shifting my meal times slowly in accordance, avoiding heavy meals when it is night time at my holiday destination.

If you are really struggling to keep awake, try taking short power naps no longer than 45 minutes and you’re more likely to feel rejuvenated after!! 🙂


Tip 5: Say yes (& say no)



And.. moving on to my last tip. Okay, hold up guys, I know that heading up there can be pretty confusing but stay with me on this.

Personally, this is something that I try to do whenever I’m travelling and that is to say yes as much as possible within my own limits. Being a creature of habit, I can safely say that I absolutely detest having to step out of my comfort zone. However, on every trip I take, I make it a point to try at least 3 new things, be it a new food dish, a new sport or a new way of exploring the city. Saying yes have allowed me to experience each country in a slightly different way and truth be told, I’ve never regretted saying yes in those situations.



Travelling is very much an opportunity for me to explore and experience things that I never would have done back at home. I love how it allows me to see the world in a fresh perspective, so why say no, when you can say yes to what the world has to offer? Take the road less travelled and you may find yourself a gem that you never would have should you have stayed on the main route.

That said, whatever it is you do, always trust you gut instinct. Do not put yourself in an uncomfortable and vulnerable situations, especially for solo travellers, and make sure to have a plan B in mind in events when things go awry! So, say no when you sense that something is wrong or when the situation seems a little iffy.

And.. that’s all I have for you guys today!! I hope that you guys have picked up a couple of tips along the way and remember,

“Travel, because when you do, you realise how small you are as compared to the world.”


207Bon Voyage!

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