5 Makeup Looks for Christmas

It’s the time of the year to be jolly! Christmas is just round the corner and whether you’re out partying, or having a simple dinner with friends, this is the best season to doll up and have fun! Therefore, we’ve picked out 5 makeup looks for different occasions. Let us know which is your favourite!


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1. Glittery Eyes


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All that glitters is gold. Glitters will never go out of style. What’s more, it’s the perfect look for Christmas parties because Christmas is the season to be jolly! And glittery!

If you’re not into the whole eyelid-full-of-glitter look, then we recommend using a glitter eyeliner over your regular black eyeliner to add that subtle pop. Try Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner.


2. Bold Lip


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If you’re one who prefers to go easy on the eyes, then you should try a bold lip look. Keep it simple around the eyes and go for crimson red on the lips. It will add a pop to your look effortlessly. If you’re attempting a bold lip, then we suggest to tone down the makeup on other parts of your face because you won’t want to look too overwhelming.


3. Natural


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Want to keep it simple this Christmas? Go for the natural look. Tone it down by using more neutral colours. Use a rosy pink/nude shade for the lips and coral blusher to keep up with that healthy glow. For the eyes, simply do a little tightlining instead of a full cat-eye.

P.S. brown eyeliners will look even more natural! Apply a clear coat of mascara to comb out your lashes and make them appear fuller.


4. Smokey Eye


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The smokey eye is a classic party look. Try a smokey eye with dark brown shadows instead of black if you want it to look more natural. Wear a smokey eye with nude lips to avoid looking too harsh.


5. Colourful


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Want a look that screams ‘PARTY’? You got it. Go for the bold, colourful look. This look will get you all the attention at parties. This makeup uses bright colours to create a lively, fun look. Make use of daring and bright eyeshadows and lipsticks to really bring out the look.


Which of the above looks do you like best? Let us know! Don’t be afraid to try out something that you usually don’t go for because it’s Christmas! Go have fun and enjoy all the parties! 🙂


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