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5 Life Hacks For Your Neck and Shoulder Pain

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As a student or a working adult, you may face neck and shoulder pains and aches frequently. For most, stiff necks and shoulders can become a hindrance to your daily activities. Try out these hacks and relieve your neck and shoulder pain!

1. Neck Pain Relieving Exercises

Neck Pain

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While you’re at work or taking a break from studying, spend a few minutes trying out neck and shoulder relieving exercises right at your desk! If you are not sure about how to do so, follow some of these exercises that we’ve compiled, so be adventurous and try them out to find the one that works best for you!

2. Stretching

Stretching Neck and Shoulder Pain

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As muscles tension builds up at the neck and shoulder area, it becomes stiff and the area becomes sore. Doing occasional stretches is helpful in releasing those tension before they build up! Taking a breather is also good for you as you take a break from the stress at school or work.

3. Use A Towel

10 Second Towel Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Trick

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For those who have gotten massages or facials, you will notice that some parlours practice placing warm towels at your shoulder area. This warm towel is meant to relax your neck and shoulder muscles to create a more comfortable experience for you. A towel can also be used to relieve shoulder tension through an exercise. This 10-second towel trick is rumoured to work but you will never know till you try! Watch this video here to find out how to do it!

4. Neck and Shoulder Pain Relieving Patches

NeckHeat Heat Relief Therapy Patch for Neck Aches

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There are many neck and shoulder pain relieving patches out there in the market to solve these annoying aches and pains! These neck and shoulder pain relieving patches can be medicated or non-medicated so remember to do some research before purchasing them (especially for those with sensitive skin). Personally, I would prefer non-medicated and odourless heat relieving patches for my neck and shoulder pains. What about you?

5. Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy Massage

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Locating tender spots and targeting the exact area where tension lies is a great way to relieve your shoulder aches. With your finger tips, thumbs and even tennis balls, you can massage the trigger points but be careful not to use too much pressure as you may injure the nerves instead. After massaging on these trigger points, the area should be much softer than before. If performing self-massage may be too complicated for you, try looking for professional massages instead.

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