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5 Inventions Made By Women

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Photo Credit: @queenslibrary via Tumblr

You have definitely heard of famous inventors such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Wright Brothers and so on. However, have you noticed that these inventors are all males? Think of a FEMALE inventor in your head right now. Can you think of any? Most people can’t think of one right off the top of their heads. Here are 5 inventions made by women that you probably did not know of!

1. Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Gif Nancy Johnson Ice Cream Maker Woman Inventor

Photo Credit: @stimmystuffs via Tumblr

If you love ice cream, you will have to thank Nancy Johnson for inventing the ice cream freezing machine back in 1843. Her design became the basic model for ice cream making machines in the years after.

2. Computer Software

Dr Grace Murray Hopper Computer Software Program Woman Inventor

Photo Credit: engineergirl.org

If you think computing is a guy’s thing, think again. The inventor of the world’s first computer software program was by Dr. Grace Murray Hopper. She invented Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) which is a computer programming language designed for business use. However, COBOL is no longer widely used today as newer modern software languages are created.

3.  Computer Algorithm

Ada Lovelace Computer Algorithm Woman Inventor

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Going even further back into the computing scene, the first computer programmer is known to be a woman known as Ada Lovelace. She helped to program machines with mathematical algorithms in the 1840s. So if you think computing is a “guy’s thing”, think again.

4. CCTV and Home Security Systems

CCTV Woman Inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown

Photo Credit: @womenrockscience via Tumblr

Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the CCTV and home security systems to help improve the security of the people in her neighbourhood. Presently, CCTVs (the modernized version of course) are used in practically everywhere and home security systems are widely used in homes too! Great job Marie!

5.  Liquid Paper

Bette Nesmith Graham Woman Inventor

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Commonly used by students and great for correcting mistakes, the liquid paper was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham after she saw that it was difficult to correct mistakes caused by using typewriters. Honestly, this invention is such a life-saver. Imagine having to cancel all the mistakes you wrote. Compared to correction tape, liquid paper (or correction liquid as some may call it) is also super flexible to use too!

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