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5 Hacks for Menstrual Cramp Relief

Mother Nature loves to come knocking, or rather, banging on our doors at the most unexpected moments. One minute we can be happily sipping on our ice-cold smoothie, and we can be bent over in pain the next, while the familiar monthly sensations pulsate throughout our entire bodies.

I know, I know – What a way to announce the arrival of the much dreaded menstruation, right? But it doesn’t have to suck all the time! With this little list of 5 menstrual cramp relief hacks we’ve curated especially for you, your next period can be like a walk in the park!


Tip #1: A walk (or jog) in the park.

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Yes, exactly what you just read. In order for your period to feel like a walk in the park, you have to get up and literally take a walk in the park. Although the last thing you want to do when your uterus feels like it’s trying to claw its way out of your body is go running, but when you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a hormone that makes you feel good. Those endorphins can counteract the bad hormones that give you cramps (prostaglandins). So, get your body moving!!

Here are some useful tips on exercising during your period to help with the cramps! 


Tip #2: Cut down on coffee.

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It seems counterintuitive to scale back the caffeine while you’re probably at your sleepiest, but your body will be so happy if you do. Caffeine can cause your body to retain more water, resulting in a nasty bloated feeling, and worsened cramps. Don’t make things harder than they already are. Just cut out a bit of your daily caffeine.

Amazing alternatives to coffee include some delicious tea that could also help with your period. 

Still wondering why you’re so tired all the time especially during your period? You might find this article useful.


Tip #3: Eat some dark chocolate.

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Here comes the good part – As if you needed another reason for your fix of chocolate, right? You’re losing heaps of magnesium on your period, but a 70% cacao treat can help you regain that nutrient as it slips out of the body. Now go get that bar of chocolate you’ve been eyeing for so long!

If you need more reasons to indulge in that bar of chocolate, read this article for more benefits that dark chocolate has to offer you!


Tip #4: Don’t even think for a second about wearing your tight jeans.

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You’re already uncomfortable, so why torture yourself by squeezing your bloated tummy into your tightest of jeans? Opt for the flowy dresses that you’ve been pushing aside in your closet! Comfort and style in one, win-win!


Tip #5: Menstruheat (Heat therapy)

On certain months Mother Nature can be especially cruel and hit us like a tornado ripping through town. On such days where a cup of hot cocoa just won’t do, I have the perfect solution for you – Heat therapy!

MenstruHeat is a slim and handy heat patch designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles. It is discrete, odourless with zero medication yet delivering a fast and effective heat therapy to soothe your cramps. No one will even know you have this patch on!

Portable? Check. Affordable? Check. Effective menstrual cramp relief? Check check check! Goodbye aches, hello freedom! You are welcome!



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Most importantly, remember to pamper your body during this period of time. Take a break when needed,  indulge a little in comfort food and stay away from excessive painkillers.

Bear in mind that these cramps are a natural part and parcel of our bodies, and this too, shall pass!

For more information on everything there is to know about menstrual cramps (eg. how, why, preventions and myths), click here! However, if your symptoms persist and you suspect there’s something more to your pains, head on to 5 Warning Signs That Your Menstrual Cramps Are Not Normal and 6 Possible Worrying Reasons Behind Your Severe Cramps to validate your fears.

Take care!


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