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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Female Vaginal Discharge

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When I was young, I was not educated much about puberty and any other female hygiene related issues, other than the fact that my mum warned me that I was about to bleed from my vagina soon. #truestory

Back then, I was too shy to ask anyone to find out what was happening to my body so I had to Google (or in my time, search it on MSN) to find out what exactly was this white sticky fluid coming out of me when I’m not on my period. Now that I’m older and with changing culture and opinions, I am more open to discussing such “sensitive” feminine issues to others.

To cut to the chase, I am pretty sure many of you younger girls out there are also questioning about the changes that are happening to you. If you are curious about the “white sticky fluid“, it is known as vaginal discharge. To answer some of the doubts you may have, here are 5 frequently asked questions about vaginal discharge!

1. What exactly is vaginal discharge?


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Vaginal discharge is a fluid made by glands inside the vagina and cervix. It is a normal, regular occurrence experienced by females. So do not be alarmed when you realized that there is white fluid on your underwear!

2. What is vaginal discharge for?

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Vaginal discharge is very useful for us females as it clears the vagina of dead cells and bacteria. This prevents infections and other germs from entering the vagina too! Hence, it is a natural body cleaning system that us girls must have.

3. How do I stop it from ruining my underwear?

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As vaginal discharge is a fluid that can leave a stain on your underwear, you should wear panty liners to protect your favourite underwear! As they are thinner and narrower compared to sanitary pads, they are comfortable for daily use and helps you stay clear from smelling bad throughout the day!

4. How do I make my vagina less smelly?

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Vaginal discharge may release an odour that causes you to smell bad sometimes (at different times during your cycle), and this can be normal. It is said that eating fruits may help in reducing the odour from the discharge. Your vagina may also smell due to other reasons such as bacteria growth, hygiene and hormones, just to name a few. Do keep it clean by washing it thoroughly daily and check for infections too!

5. Why do I release a lot of discharge sometimes?

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The amount of vaginal discharge released is dependent on your menstrual cycle. If you are releasing a higher amount of vaginal discharge than usual, it can mean that you are either ovulating or sexually aroused. For those who are pregnant, you may also experience a higher level of discharge too. As long as the vaginal discharge not cause discomfort or itching, you probably do not have to worry about it.

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