5 Flowers You Can Use for Your DIY Beauty Projects!

Flowers harness tremendous power, and are consequently used for medical purposes, as a healthy addition to our diet, and even in our beauty routines. While there are plenty of blogs online encouraging you to use flowers for your DIY projects, that doesn’t mean you can grab just any flower that’s out there.

Each flower has specific properties and can be used for different purposes! So, we’ll be introducing 5 of the most-used flowers and what they can be used for.


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This vibrant bloom is a valuable beauty product ingredient since it contains oil that is great for skin and hair repair. Sunflower oil contains Vitamin E along with other minerals that are good for helping to fight wrinkles! It can also be used as a hydration oil due to its super hydrating agent.

Therefore, it’s the perfect flower to use to create oil-based beauty DIYs such as make up removers, or anti-aging masks.



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Not only does it make a tasty tea, it can be also used for creating hair-care products that help with hair regrowth, in addition to giving your scalp the boost of moisture and nutrition it needs. Check out this recipe on how to make your own Hibiscus shampoo out of the petals!

It’s also great for creams and lotions that are intended for damaged or dry skin such as moisturisers.



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This gorgeous bloom, best known for their symbolism for love and admiration, packs a powerful skincare punch.

They can be used in a variety of beauty DIYs such as lotions, perfumes, toners, face masks, lip balms, etc. This is due to the fact that roses contain high amounts of vitamin C & A, and contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; guaranteed to help leave your skin smooth, silky, and moisturised.



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A large number of perfumes contain this fragrant flower, but this bloom can also be used for facial purposes.

For example, crushed jasmine petals in combination with coconut oil makes a powerful face mask or lotion that’s going to work towards tightening your skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles as well as giving you that natural glow; no highlighter necessary.



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Calendula is the equivalent to high-end beauty products – at least in term of power it holds. This vibrant flower has been known for its healing properties due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, and has been used for centuries.

If you have acne, eczema, dry skin, cuts, bites, or just need some moisturising lotion, calendula is great. You can check out this recipe on how to make your own homemade calendula cream.


If you weren’t a big fan of flowers before, you’ll undoubtedly become one now. Why not try incorporating some flowers into your DIY beauty projects for a change?



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