5 Essential Oils For Relaxation

After a long, tiring day at work, all we want is to rest in the comfort of our own bed with our favourite scent and perhaps a cup of hot chocolate. What if there are scents that can actually help to reduce stress or help you get better sleep? That’s why we’re introducing you to essential oils – or you can call them perfumes with stress-relieving abilities.

Aromatherapy has been around for thousand of years and has since been popular amongst many. Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils to relive stress, boost energy levels, induce sleep and so much more. There are many different essential oils available in the market, but we will focus on oils with stress-relieving properties for today’s article.

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1. Lavender

lavender plants

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Lavender is perhaps the most well-known scent of all essential oils. Research has shown that the scent of lavenders have calming, soothing, and sedative effects.

Fun Fact: the word “lavender” comes from the Latin root lavare, which means “to wash”. It is because lavender has been used in baths to help purify the body and spirit since a long time ago.

2. Chamomile

chamomile plants

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Chamomile is a small, dainty flower that has be known to be able to help with insomnia. Chamomile teas have been around for a long time and its popularity might probably be due to its effectiveness. Chamomile-scented essential oils will do so much more due to its higher concentration level. For someone who suffers from insomnia, chamomile is perfect! Use some chamomile aromatherapy and having chamomile tea at the same time and let yourself sink into the whole floating-in-chamomile dream.

3. Rose


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Rose oil is probably one of the most expensive essential oils you can find. Due to the difficult extraction progress, prices of pure rose essential oils are usually very steep. Apart from being effective for stress relief, rose oil is also good for treating eczema and menopausal symptoms!

Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes 60,000 roses to make one ounce of rose oil? That’s only 30mL!

4. Frankincense


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Never heard of Frankincense before? It’s actually gum resin from an African tree that’s burnt as incense, hence the name. Frankincense helps to reduce anxiety and stress, but on top of that, Frankincense actually reduces pain and inflammation as well. There has also been claims that it can even help to fight cancer!

When applied onto scars directly, Frankincense oil helps to rejuvenate cells and speeds up the recovery process of the scar tissue. It has also been used to calm respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

5. Jasmine

Jasmine plant

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Jasmine oils could probably rank as the priciest essential oils you can find in the market. One reason could be due to the many benefits it brings. Jasmine oils are said to have properties such as: antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, sedative and many more! Sounds insane? Wait till you learn about the price of jasmine oils. Jasmine oils can easily fetch a 3-digit sum for less then 100mL.

Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes an incredible 125 pounds (56kg) of jasmine petals to make just one ounce/30mL of oil? 

There we have it! 5 of the best essential oils to relax your mind and soul after a long tiring day at work. Try it for yourself now and you can thank us later. 🙂


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