5 Best Weight Loss Exercises

The Lunar New Year festivities have just passed, which meant tons of reunion dinners and even more goodies to snack on. I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally gotten a few “You seem to have put on a bit of weight since the last time I saw you” or “You ?? ah?” (?? f?fú: to prosper. Can be taken as a backhanded “compliment”, because you’re prosperous enough to eat well and get fat). If you want to get back in shape, here are 5 weight loss exercises that have been proven to help burn the fats away.

1. Walk

family walking

Best suited for: The Beginner, The Lazy, The Busy Bee, The Nature Lover and Everyone else

If you are just starting out and it has been ages since you last exercised, walking might be the best way to kick off your exercise regime. Many sources have stated that walking 10,000 steps daily is the magic number that will allow you to get closer to better health and burn about 500 calories in a day. The truth is, any number of steps that is more than what you are currently taking would help in your weight loss goal — the more the merrier of course!

Note that if you take less than 5,000 steps a day, you are leading a sedentary lifestyle which puts you at risk for obesity and many other diseases. Try setting small goals for yourself (e.g. increasing your current steps by 500 per day) and before you know it, you will be walking 10,000 steps daily and even more! Here are some ways to squeeze in extra steps into your current daily routine:

  • Walk to somewhere farther than usual for meals
  • If you always eat in your office, take the rest of your break time to walk around the area
  • Head to a toilet on a different floor (by taking the stairs) or the farthest one from you
  • Alight at a couple of bus stops earlier when heading back home


2. Rope Jumping

skipping rope


Best suited for: The Beginner, The Lazy and The Busy Bee and Everyone else

We’ve all jumped rope some time in our lives, so use this as a chance to relive memories from the good old days! Jumping rope is an exercise that engages all parts of your body, making it an effective weight loss exercise. It is no wonder that you can burn more than 10 calories per minute with this weight loss exercise, making this a good high intensity workout for those who lack time. Build up your stamina by doing short bursts of rope jumping (e.g. 5 min) followed by a 1 min break and back again for as long as you can. Slowly increase each short burst by a minute every week to challenge yourself!

If you want to make it even harder, you could consider using ropes with weights to better work out your arms and shoulders.


3. Cycling

cyclists cycling


Best suited for: The Beginner, The Lazy, The Busy Bee, The Nature Lover and Everyone else

Even if you don’t own a bicycle of your own, with the abundance of rental bikes everywhere with ofo, mobike and Obike, cycling in Singapore has never been easier. What gives cycling an edge compared to the other weight loss exercises mentioned above is that you get to travel a further distance, see more, and explore more. With cycling, it is not just about exercising, but also a time for you to take a break from everything else and relax. In fact, this is also an activity that you can engage in with your family and friends, not only bringing you closer to your weight loss goal, but also bringing you closer to your loved ones.

It is also very easy to do high intensity interval training (HIIT) when cycling, which is a proven way to burn the highest number of calories in the shortest amount of time – perfect for all the busy people out there. Here’s a simple HIIT plan to get you started which you can adjust accordingly to your needs:

  • Cycle normally for 1 min
  • Cycle as fast as you can for 30 seconds
  • Repeat previous steps 5 times
  • Rest for 5 min
  • Start all over again!


4. Burpees

Credit: Suba Diver Life

Best suited for: The Beginner, The Busy Bee, The Ones with High Stamina, The Flexible

For an effective and versatile weight loss exercise, give burpees a try. The picture above shows the typical steps one would take in a burpee, however there are further adjustments that you can make to increase or decrease the difficulty depending on your needs.

To make it easier:

  • From the 4th to 5th position, instead of jumping back with both legs, you can choose to move your legs back one at a time
  • From the 5th to 6th position, instead of jumping forward with both legs, move your legs forward one at a time
  • Instead of jumping at the end, simply lift your heels to a tip toe position

To make it harder:

  • Do a push up after the 5th position before jumping forward with both legs to the 6th position
  • At the jump, make a 180-degree turn and repeat the steps
  • Do each position twice each time before proceeding to the next position. E.g. jump twice before going to the 4th position

For starters, try doing 2 sets of 10 burpees. As your stamina improves, slowly increase the number of burpees and sets you do.


5. Lunge Squats


Credits: Popsugar

Best suited for: The Beginner, The Busy Bee, The Ones with High Stamina, The Flexible

What’s better than a lunge or a squat when it comes to weight loss? Lunge squats! Here’s how:

Step 1: Squat
Step 2: Jump into a lunge with right leg forward
Step 3: Jump into a squat
Step 4: Jump into a lunge with left leg forward
Step 5: Jump into a squat

Repeat Steps 2-5 for 2 sets of 1 minute, and increase accordingly once you start getting used to it.

And there you have it, 5 weight loss exercises that are effective and easy to do. Combine multiple exercises for even better results. Here’s wishing you all the best in your weight loss journey!


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