4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Self-Care

Ever heard of the phrase: TREAT YOURSELF ? While this phrase often carries the connotation of splurging on expensive food or material goods, it can also simply refer to taking time off for some me-time, or doing things that you enjoy. In order words, ‘TREAT YOURSELF’ is the millennial-ised term for ‘self-care’!

Self-care means setting aside time for yourself to gather your thoughts and reflect to make sure you’re staying relaxed. While it may seem frivolous, taking the time to spoil yourself can have huge impacts on your mental, physical, emotional, and sexual health by reducing harmful stressors.

Here are just four of the surprising benefits of self-care:


  1. Better physical health

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Too much stress can weigh heavily on our bodies, and could have effects that you don’t even realize. Headaches, muscle pain, and nausea can all be caused by stress that’s left unchecked. Setting aside some time to pamper yourself and de-stress can support physical health!

Do whatever helps you unwind: Splurge on a spa day, or if you’re short on cash, skip the salon and customize your own hair color at home. Just make sure to carve out some time for whatever helps you relax in order to keep your health on track.


  1. Improved sex drive

Stress can also increase cortisol levels which naturally decrease the number of sex hormones in our bodies. Finding the right way to control this stress can rebalance your body’s hormones and increase your libido.

Do whatever gives you a sense of joy: Take yourself out to a movie, throw on a face mask, or cook your favourite meal to reclaim your sex life!


  1. Natural pain-relief

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Pains such as menstrual cramps can interrupt life and cause stressors of their own, both mentally and emotionally. Engaging in some self-care, however, like cuddling with a loved one, getting a massage, going for a run or simply eating that bar of chocolate you’ve been craving can reduce menstrual pain.

Personal contact and exercise can trigger the production of “feel-good” hormones in the body like oxytocin that have been linked to natural pain relief!


  1. Improved sleep schedule

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We all know how often we want to hit that snooze button (every Monday?) but it’s important to understand why sleep is so important.

When you sleep, your body is constantly performing maintenance throughout your systems that is essential in maintaining a healthy mental and physical state. Stress and anxiety, however, often keep us awake late into the night. Journaling or reading in bed before sleep can help quiet the mind and reduce mental stressors without the added stimulant of an electronic light.

Keep the TVs off and phones away to recharge and reflect on the day!


There are many ways to practice self-care.

Yoga, meditation, and journaling are all good ways to care for the soul, while spoiling yourself with splurges can positively affect your body and mind. Whatever your preferred method, just make sure you’re taking at least a few minutes every day to relax and unwind!

Remember: Word hard, play harder! 

Take care and we’ll see you next time!


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