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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Back Pain

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An average person would experience back pain and ache quite often in his/her lifetime. These pains and aches can be caused by carrying heavy items, improper sitting and sleeping posture, and many more. Other than the common causes and back pain facts known to many, here are some things about back pain that you may not know about:

1. Smoking may be a cause of lower back pain

Smoking Back Pain Causes

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Research has found that smokers are more likely to suffer from lower back pain as compared to non-smokers. Although there are no actual evidence that proves the direct relation between the two, it is said that smoking can cause lower back pain because it affects the way the brain sends the pain signals to the body. Also, smoking may result in the slowing down of blood circulation and affect the flow of nutrients to the joints and muscles. This results in the damaging of tissue at the lower back.

2. The relationship between Back Pain and Flu

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Other than smoking, having a flu can be a cause for back pain too! This is because the virus from flu can result in inflammation that attacks the nerves which may result in lower back pain and aches. Hence, don’t be surprised if you start aching all over when you are having a flu.

3. You can relieve your back aches with heat

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Other than massages, heat is a traditional method used to relieve aches from your body. The heat helps relieve ache and pains by helping the sore and tight muscles relax and creates better blood flow and circulation to the applied area. If you are suffering from horrible lower back ache, you can try placing a hot water bottle or using a heat patch for a more convenient method for relief!

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