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10 Ways to Combat Period Cramps at Work

Have you ever taken leave from work because of your unbearable period cramps? I have. One day off work can cause you to back log your work and deadlines. Getting back to work from that one- or two-day break usually just increases work pressure, not to add how emotionally and mentally drained you already are.

Here are ways you can conquer your period cramps at work, and avoid taking a precious day off!

1) Skip Coffee

Coffee is the back-bone for our day. But, if you face bad cramps (dysmenorrhea), avoid it. The caffeine in coffee tends to constrict blood vessels, which aggravates your cramps.

If you really need your dose of caffeine, try some tea. Alongside caffeine, tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to ease the pain. Here’s a list of 6 common tea you can drink to help with your period!

No coffee

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2) Walk Around

Let it be a walk from your desk to the pantry, toilet, photocopy machine or to look at your office crush; just do it!

This will allow your blood to constantly flow and release pressure within the blood vessels to reduce cramps in your abdomen.


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3) Take Birth Control Pills

Usually the hormones in these pills help to regulate your period and maintain a steady hormone level, which greatly reduces the degree of your menstrual cramps.


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4) Take Over-the-Counter Pills

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as- Ibuprofen, Advil, Panadol Menstrual; usually reduces your menstrual cramps. It works best, if you consume it regularly three or four days before your period starts.

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5) Get Yourself a Heating Pad

Heat is essential. Studies have established that applying constant heat at areas with cramps, reduces the severity of the pain.

Disposable heating wraps are subtle and easier to maintain, as it is placed under your clothes. The heat also lasts a few hours, which is convenient. MenstruHeat is one such heat patch you can get!



6) Drink Plenty of Water

You should keep yourself well-hydrated. This helps in the steady function of your liver, keeping your hormones balanced; especially oestrogen, which helps to keep your menstrual cycle in check.

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7) Salad For Lunch

Spinach and other leafy greens contain magnesium in abundance, and magnesium has been established as a natural muscle relaxant. So eat those greens!


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8) Consume Fibrous Food

When our oestrogen (hormone) levels get too high, some symptoms you may get are bloating, irregular periods and headaches. You don’t want to face these problems at work do you? So take more fibrous food like oats, beans and fruits to help maintain our hormone levels.


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9) Avoid Junk Food

Cravings are natural, but you gotta stay away from salty junk food during that time of the month as it only makes your cramps worse! Say no to junk food!


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10) Eat Dark Chocolate

Here’s one craving you can cave in to! Dark chocolates satisfy your cravings, help relax your muscles, and keep you high in spirits. It is a healthier option in comparison to the high fat and dairy content of other types of chocolates.


Photo credits: Fit Plan

Photo credits: Fit Plan

So these are all our tips for you to fight those period cramps at work! Do leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions to deal with nasty period cramps during work! 🙂

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