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10 Gift Ideas For Your Dad This Father’s Day 2017

Fathers Day

Photo Source: skvllflwr via Tumblr

Father’s Day falls on the 18th of June this year. If you want to be a filial daughter but do not know what to do or get for your dad this Father’s Day, here are some ideas for you!

1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gift Wallet Fathers Day 2017

Photo Source: JooJoobs via Etsy

Personalized gifts are a go-to gift idea when you have absolutely no idea what to get. It shows that the gift was made while thinking of him and it’s special and unique to him too! You can easily find DIY tutorials for personalized pouches and wallets so you can always find something that suits your dad! Even if the quality may not be as good as store-bought items, I’m sure that he will be touched by your efforts! However if you do not have the time, you can order DIY personalized gifts from various online stores too.

2. Hawker Centre Hopping

Hawker Centre Singapore Father's Day 2017

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

For the Millennials, there is cafe hopping. For the dads, do hawker centre hopping instead! If you have a traditional dad who loves food like mine, why not take him around Singapore and hunt for good, local food to fill his stomach instead!

3. Buffet

Buffet Singapore 2017 Father's Day

Photo Source: Pixabay

If travelling around is a hassle, why not go to a buffet instead? There are plenty of restaurants running Father’s Day promotions so do some research and pick the best one for your dad! Some buffets even serve free flow beer like the The Cavery restaurant.

4. Cook a meal

Homecooked Meal Fathers Day gift ideas 2017

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cooking a meal takes a lot of time and effort and I’m sure your dad will appreciate all your hard work (even if it tastes bad). Cooking what he loves to eat also shows how well you understand him too.

5. Father-Daughter Couple Apparel

Father Daugther Couple Outfit Fathers Day gift idea

Photo Source: SunshineMountainTees via Etsy

Get a pair of father-daughter couple apparel and twin it out with your dad! There are many stores out there selling awesome statement tees. If you think your mum will get jealous of the father-daughter couple outfit, you can also get a family outfit just in case.

6. Dedication video

Camera Gif

Photo Source: malen-kuruf via Tumblr

A dedication video is a simple and thoughtful gift idea for your dad! Share your heartfelt thoughts and appreciation for him in a video. All you need is a camera or phone and yourself! You can also include other family members in the video too.

7. Picnic

Singapore Marina Barrage Picnic Fathers Day

Photo Source: Pixabay

Instead of staying at home, you can take a breath of fresh air outdoors (if the weather permits) and have a picnic outside! There are many places to have a picnic such as Marina Barrage (where you can also fly kites) and Botanic Gardens.

8. Hiking/Cycling

Coney Island Singapore Fathers Day

Photo Source: coneyisland.sg

If your dad is the sporty type, why not take a hiking or cycling trip together? You can bond over the sweat and exercise in the process! Coney Island is a good place to spend some father-daughter bonding time with nature.

9. Events

Father's Day Comedy Show Singapore June 2017

Photo Source: Dutch Events Singapore Facebook Page

There are various events celebrating Father’s Day right here in Singapore. There’s a Father’s Day Fiesta where your dad can experience good food and singing, a Father’s Day Burger Challenge, Father’s Day Comedy Show, and many more!

10. Photoshoot

Cheezz Self Shot Photo Studio Singapore

Photo Source: Cheezz Studio

Make some memories by doing a photo shoot together! Time waits for no one and as it goes by, we tend not to notice how fast our parents are aging. Take some photos and cherish their “youth” by taking a family photo together. There are so many quirky props and styles these days so have fun and take as many photos as you can! There are self-shot photo studios that offer unlimited photos as you pay according to the time spent in the studio itself so you can snap away.


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